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Current Labor Rate 100.00 per hour plus parts costs, minimum charge 1 hour. (+ applicable taxes) for schedules appointments during regular working hours. Note: Time and a half labor rate applies to after hours emergency service for non-plan clients. First time clients may require a maintenance & inspection service to be performed at time of initial service call.

Currant Rate is 100.00 per hour – minimum charge 1 hour for a single appliance

Maintenance and Inspection (Combo Rate) on more than one appliance scheduled in the same appointment, we offer a combined rate special:
90.00 for the heating,
60.00 for the central air and/or gas fireplace (each),
30.00 for the HRV service.
There may be an additional charge over and above the flat rates for services required outside the scope of the Maintenance and Inspection service.
At Furlong H.V.A.C. Services Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
DDiagnostic and Repair of Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, HRV’s (Heat Recovery Ventilation), Gas and Electric; Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, Water Furnaces, Fireplaces, and Pool Heaters.iagnostic and Repair of Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, HRV’s (Heat Recovery Ventilation), Gas and Electric; Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, Water Furnaces, Fireplaces, and Pool Heaters.
Annual Maintenance & Inspection:
We provide a variety of services including:
Diagnostic Repair Services
New Installations, Replacement, Upgrade, Retrofit.
We carry a wide range of selected HVAC products and Appliances. Call or email me for an appointment for a free consultation and quotation.

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HVAC equipment should be maintained, adjusted, and inspected regularly to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and safety. New generation models are designed for custom set up in conjunction with each other in the home to work as they were intended. Fan settings must be adjusted for proper temperature rise within a furnace as per manufacturers specs and these points are often overlooked. I often find upon inspecting systems of new clients this initial set-up was never completed properly or correctly. Air Conditioning must be tuned in conjunction with the furnace fan as well to provide the airflow required for the Air Conditioning to cool and dehumidify properly and efficiently, depending on the type of refrigerant system and duct/filter restriction. If this is not properly set the unit may cool quicker than it dehumidifies leaving the home cool, but very damp. Certain tests are conducted during a maintenance service to adjust and ensure these settings are achieved and maintained regularly.

Gas pressures are checked and adjusted if necessary. code requirements and updates considered. Amperage draws and performance of electrical parts are be tested to ensure proper performance. A combustion Efficiency test is taken and printed on every service call, indicating combustion properties important in diagnosing problems and adjusting for optimum efficiency. A Carbon Monoxide test is also conducted on every service call as part of the diagnostics to ensure the fuel is burning safely within your home.

Lack of monthly filter maintenance, or changing the air filter with a different Merv rating after the set-up, on forced air furnaces is the biggest issue I see that causes problems with efficiency, safety, and life of the appliance.

HRV’s are often overlooked and presumed operational, however I have found that most have either not been balanced at the time they were installed or the unit contains debris build up on fan blades, screens, filters, and hoods which have now restricted airflow in the system and caused a change in airflow from the point of set-up. The principal of an HRV system is to exchange a required amount of air into and out of the home, and this level must match.
Why Maintenance & Inspection ?
Pre-paid Service Plans:
First a preliminary Maintenance & Inspection will need to be performed by us on the equipment @ the above posted pricing, and any required repairs completed prior to commencing agreement. Service calls for non repairs ex: plugged filter, defective batteries, power surges and failures, are billible a full rates and not covered under service plan.